The universal Parur style has a legacy of its own. The pioneering efforts of great maestro, violin wizard Sri Parur Sundaram Iyer led to the genesis of the Parur style. This was further popularized extensively by (Padmashri & Padmabushan) Shri M.S.Gopalakrishnan, the acclaimed violinist son of Sri Sundaram Iyer.

Parur Sundaram Iyer-MSGopalakrishnan-Dr.M.Narmadha

For unique concerts in
**Indian Music
**Devotional vocal
**Violin solo
**Seminars on Indian Music.

**At Adayar Chennai.
**Individual attention.
**Theory and practical aspects of
Hindustani & Karnatak Music.
**Online classes using Skype.


Sri Sundaram Iyer had a fascination for the violin with early training under Sri Ramasami Bhagavatar of Trivandrum . Initially he migrated to Chennai and later from Chennai to Mumbai and came under the direct influence of Pt. Vishnu Digambar Paluskarji. He started accompanying Pt. Vishnu Digambar Paluskarji in his concerts, imbibing the ‘Classical’ elements of performing Hindusthani Music.

In later days, Sri Sundaram Iyer also came in contact with Pt. Omkarnath Tagore and was greatly influenced by the nuances of Hindustani Music through him. With his knowledge in both the forms of Indian music, he created the Parur style as early as 1925, the first of its kind that brought out the best of Carnatic and Hindustani styles of Indian music . This was further improvised by Sri M.S Gopalakrishnan, leading to Parur-MSG paani (style), as it is called now. He worked as a Lecturer in Violin at Gandharv Maha Vidyalaya in Mumbai and popularized violin in Hindustani music. He holds the unique credit for having adapted the violin to its full capacity in the realm of Hindusthani Music.

The Parur-MSG baani (style), incorporates fingering of international standards and approach beyond time, making every stroke of the bow an enchanting appeal to the mind of the listener. The technique stands for perfection in bowing and fingering based on scientific methods for complete mastery over the violin. One finger playing, long-bow are some of the special attributes. The bowing and fingering incorporate complex gamakas of Carnatic, the lovely meend of Hindusthani Music and the lovely taanam patterns.


Dr.Narmadha daughter and disciple of Padmashri M. S. Gopalakrishnan, is a happy combination of a violinist, musicologist and a vocalist. Dr. M Narmada has a Phd in music from Delhi University . Her doctoral thesis was aptly a comparison on North & South Indian music styles. Apart from her duet concerts with her father, she is a sought after accompanist to many leading Carnatic vocalists. She got trained under her grandfather Parur A. Sundaram Iyer and subsequently continued her training under her father.

She has toured all over the world including countries like USA , UK , Holland , South Africa , Singapore , Malaysia , Hong kong etc. She has been awarded the “Best Violinist” award by the Music Academy , Madras consecutively eight times. She received her doctoral degree from Delhi University as a U. G. C. fellow under the able guidance of Sitar virtuoso Prof. Debu Chaudhari and renowned musicologist Dr. K. G. Ginde.

She has command over and flair for a number of languages like English, Sanskrit and French. Her articles have been widely published in international journals. She was trained as vocalist by her mother and Shri T. M. Tyagarajan. Her aim is to propagate the Parur-MSG style of Violin playing.

Tribute to MSG

Recording of concert held at Chrompet Cultural Academy in association with SANCARA Trust on 12th Jan 2013. Sancara Trust(9840077025) in association with Chrompet Cultural Academy hosted the MSGopalakrishnan Tribute concert to the legend on 12th Jan 2013, a very special Day(the 10th day of his passing away). This concert presented all the MSG hits and those unique aspects highlighting the Parur Style which MSG presented in his concerts.

Concert Details:
  • Violin: Dr. M Narmadha. Mridangam: Shri.Thillaisthanam Suryanarayanan. Ghatom: Shri.Nanganallur Swaminathan, Ganjira: Shri.Karthikeyan
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    Intro by organisers Speech by Dr.M.Narmadha
    Chalamela varnam-darbar Vathapi ganapathim-hamsadhwani
    Ardha naariswaram-kumudhakriya Nenarunchinanu-malavi
    Manavyalakimchara-nalinakanthi Marivere-aanandhabhairavi
    Bhavanutha-mohanam Speech by organisers
    Speech by Dr.M.Narmadha Parukkulle-jonpuri
    Manave manthralaya-suddha saarang Chinnanchiru kiliye-raagamaalika
    Ramachandra prabho-sindhu bhairavi Tarana-sindhu bhairavi


    Dr M.Narmadha has performed at various venues in India and abroad:
    All India Radio (as a Top Grade Artist) and Doordarshan Kendra.
    Akashvani Sangeet Sammelan at Delhi , Calcutta , Lucknow , Hyderabad and National Programs.
    Television channel programmes for Jaya, Sun, Raj, Star Vijay, K-tv, Asianet, Kairali, Vasanth etc.
    Performed at venues in foreign countries like USA, UK, Germany, Holland, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, Hungary, Amsterdam, Hong Kong etc.
    Empanelled in ICCR, New Delhi. Paper presentations on Indian Music.
    Performed at reputed sabhas of Chennai like The Music Academy, Mylapore Fine Arts, Sri Krishna Gana Sabha, Narada Gana Sabha, Nungambakkam Cultural Academy, Sri Tyaga Brahma Gana Sabha, The Indian Fine Arts Society, Hamsadvani Sabha etc.
    Performed at sangeeth sammelans in Kerala, Delhi , Pune, Mumbai, Calcutta , Ahmedabad, Bangalore , Allahabad , Aurangabad , Baroda , Chandigarh , Hubli, Dharwad etc.
    Dr M. Narmadha is acclaimed for her capability in expressing the nuances of music through lecture demonstrations. She has conducted Lec-dems all over the world, at leading music colleges in South India and at Spic Macay chapters. She has also conducted workshops and interactive live musical sessions in venues.
    Dr M. Narmadha has presented many papers on Indian music, such as:
    Comparative study of Hindustani and Carnatic Ragas. The beauty of Meends, in Hindustani Ragas.
    Practical demonstration on techniques of Violin Playing.
    Origin of Indian Musical instruments with special reference on the violin family.
    Hindustani ragas as handled by Muthuswami dikshitar and south Indian composers.
    Study of Vakra ragas in Indian Music.


    Raaga Todi was presented in depth, soaked with Raaga Bhava, each phrase directly appealing to the heart of the rasika. Her aesthetic touch was further enhanced by the masterful strokes of her sweet and smooth bowing which added a rich timbre to the musical effect of her skilled presentation. - C.M. Rana, Deccan Chronicle, Chennai, 5 January 2007

    Not a single moment did she resort to any gimmick or histrionics that are of late adopted by even upcoming artistes as USPs to please the audience – but Dr.Narmada played all item in a very traditional style which she has imbibed well from her father and Guru Violin maestro Shri M. S. Gopalakrishnan. - Lakshman Sundar, New Bombay, 8 to 14 October 2005.

    What I have admired in her is the meditative mood she assumes while playing the violin revealing that she is going it with obvious relish. She wants to experiment also on a new type of classically oriented fusion music between Carnatic and Hindustani styles. - Subbudu.

    Through what is called the 'Parur-MSG' style, Narmadha rose to the occasion, bringing out well the sahitya bhava or poetic content of the songs on Lord Shiva and Goddess Shakti . Narmadha's skills on the violin, especially the bowing technique, and the consequent tonal richness, contributed to her success in this thematic concert. - The Hindu, 15 May 2009.

    The versatility of Narmadha's artistry is evident in this compact disc.The emphasis which her school lays on producing a strong and pleasing tonal quality is evident from Narmadha’s bowing and fingering techniques. - The Hindu, 26 Jun 2009 (CD Review of 'Strings of Melody')

    Narmadha showed that she is a rich spring of manodharma as she applied her mind to cultivate thoughts on the two Indian musical systems. - The Hindu, 21 Aug 2009


    Venue Date Time
    Arkay Convention Centre by Laya Madhuraa with accompaniment by Madipakkam P. Suresh, Adambakkam Shankar 29.11.2014 05:00PM
    Narada Gana Sabha - Mini Hall with accompaniment by Thillaisthanam Suryanarayanan, Pudukkottai Ramachandran 04.12.2014 6:30PM
    Aasthika Samajam, Pozhichalur by Thrimurthi Sangeetha Sabha with accompaniment by Thillaisthanam Suryanarayanan, Nanganallur S. Swaminathan 07.12.2014 5:30PM
    Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan - Main Hall 08.12.2014 4:30PM
    Kamakoti Gana Mandir Hall by Sri Krishna Gana Sabha with accompaniment by B. Sivaraman, Trivandrum Rajagopal 14.12.2014 6:30PM
    Ethiraj Kalyana Mandapam by The Indian Fine Arts Society with accompaniment by Sumesh S. Narayanan, Pudukkottai Ramachandran 20.12.2014 7:00PM
    Vani Mahal - Mini Hall by Sri Thyaga Brahma Gana Sabha with accompaniment by Shertalai Ananthakrishnan, G. Harihara Sharma 27.12.2014 4:00PM
    The Mylapore Fine Arts Club by The Mylapore Fine Arts Club with accompaniment by Poongulam Subramaniam, S. Krishna 31.12.2014 4:00PM
    Y.G.P. Auditorium by Bharat Kalachar with accompaniment by Trichur K.M.S. Mani, S. Sunil Kumar 04.01.2015 10:30AM
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    Theme Venue Date Time
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